Preseason wrestling training
lincoln nebraska

High School Wrestlers 9th - 12th  (2018 - 2019 school year)
*We also offer youth training, contact us for details.*

Program Dates:         Oct 30 - Nov 8th
Cost:  $45       

Weekday Session:       Tuesdays & Thursdays               7:00pm - 9:00pm


Tyrell Galloway         Former Husker Wrestler, 2x High School State Champion
Gage Anderson          Former Husker Wrestler, Seattle WA, HS State Placer
Josh Gannon              Former Oregon State Wrestler, 2x High School State Champion


Are you looking to stand on the podium or move up the podium at the state tournament? If so, then this training session is for you.  Our Preseason training focuses on both the fundamentals proven to build champions, and higher level wrestling moves taught to you by former D1 Wrestlers.  You will learn from and wrestle with our coaches.  Come in and train with some of the best to see what it takes to be the best.  We will also coach you on the mental and physical edge needed to move up the podium at the state tournament.

* Note: This special is for 2018 - 2018  9th - 12th grade students only. *
* Note: We also offer youth training, contact us for details: 402-404-5510.*

Competition Opportunities (Optional):

TBA - details announced during practices.

Cost:  $45.00

Registration Deadline:   When we reach the registration limit
Registration Limit:          36 participants
Estimated Deadline:       10/30/18