Our edge is your edge. 

Did you know some facilities hire coaches that have never wrestled before? If you are wrestling as a hobby, that may work just fine. But when you want a competitive edge, it's a waste of time and money.

We're different. Devoted. Our three head coaches are former college wrestlers and hold several high school state championships between them.

In addition, we strive to keep our classes limited to one instructor for every six students. This ensures every athlete gets equal attention as we train. Our personalized approach helps students stay focused while rapidly accelerating their competitive edge.

Founder & Head Coach Josh Gannon

Founder & Head Coach Josh Gannon

Meet Founder & Head Coach Josh Gannon 

A former Division 1 and 2x high school state wrestling champion, Josh Gannon founded Competitive Edge Sports and the Cornhusker Wrestling Club upon volunteering as a wrestling coach shortly after college.

As a MMA and wrestling athlete he was frustrated by the quality of instruction at most facilities and the fact that local athletes couldn't get meaningful year round training.

What started with three little wrestlers and classes in the basement of a friend's martial art facility, has grown into an elite sports training center for Lincoln's youth, serving more than 200 students in its 7,500 square foot facility.

  • 2x High school State champion
  • Less than 10 losses throughout high school career
  • Former Division 1 collegiate wrestler

To read Josh's complete story - how a wrestling coach positively changed his life in the sixth grade - click here 

Our Coaches

CES wrestlling coach Tyrel Galloway
CES wrestling coach steve palmer
CES wrestling coach Gage Anderson

tyrell Galloway

  • Former Husker Wrestler
  • 2x State Champion


  • 15 years as head coach for Lincoln Wrestling Club

  • Coached dozens of youth state champions

  • High school top-three State finishes senior year

Gage Anderson

  • Former Husker Wrestler
  • High School State Placer


    Our Core Values Matter

    The CES team of coaches strives to influence and empower athletes on and off the mat with positive life skills:

    1. Honor
    2. Integrity
    3. Self-Control
    4. Courtesy
    5. Perseverance
    "Not only has my son become a better wrestler, but he has a better attitude about   everything."  - CES parent Collin Caneva

    "Not only has my son become a better wrestler, but he has a better attitude about everything." - CES parent Collin Caneva

    We're the proud home of team ces. We offer two competitive teams, one for our elite wrestlers, and one for our recriational wrestlers:

    COMPRESSED - TEAM CES - Circle Logo.png

    Team CES - Traveling Team

    For the elite wrestler who wants to compete at the highest competition level in the US. Our traveling team is one of only two elite traveling teams in Nebraska. High school and youth wrestlers make up our travel team. Interested in learning more? Contact us here →

    COMPRESSED - TEAM CES - Circle Logo.png

    Tem CES - Local Team

    For new and novice wrestlers who want to compete at a recreational level within Nebraska, made up of youth wrestlers ages 4 - 14. Curious about this team? Contact us right here →

    Consistency = Progress

    Every time your wrestler enters our training facility, they will know their coaches and exactly what to expect. We don't have a revolving door of volunteers.

    In addition, we build upon solid wrestling fundamentals and are always working to progress each athlete every single time they step onto our mats.

    Absolute Beginner? 
    Advancing to Nationals? 


    We own our facility which means we set our schedules; so there is never any waiting around for mats to open up. Because of this organized approach, we are able to offer classes seven days a week for a variety of skill and age levels.

    There is no need to be intimidated if you are brand new to wrestling. We ALL started as beginners. CES welcomes boys and girls as young as pre-kindergarten all the way up to advanced athletes training for a state title or college scholarship.

    Scholarship Opportunities

    We're not simply running a wrestling facility, we're training champions.

    Whatever your wrestling goal, we'll help you achieve it: in elementary, middle school, high school, and college. 

    Our former Division 1 wrestling coaches have college connections and know what it takes to get your son or daughter's foot in the door at the university level.

    Training at CES will give your athlete a competitive edge because we know what college coaches are specifically looking for! For more information about our private and semi-private advanced high school training click here