Registration - My First Wresting Tournament


Limited to 600 Wrestlers!

Qualifications to be considered a Beginner Wrestler

  • Your Wrestler has wrestled in 4 or less tournaments total

  • Your Wrestler has wrestled in more than 4 tournaments, but his or her record is below 40%

Team Requirements

  • None - Your Wrestler can wrestle as part of a wrestling team or as an individual

  • Last year we had over 100 wrestlers who wrestled without a team. These wrestlers had never practiced wrestling before this tournament. They all loved the tournament!

Required Equipment/Uniform/Attire to compete

  • None - Your Wrestler can wrestle in Shorts, T-shirt, & Shoes (about 100 out of 400+ wrestlers from last year's event wrestled in shorts & T-shirt)

  • Your wrestler can also wrestle in a singlet, wrestling shoes, and head gear

Weigh In's

  • None - You enter your wrestlers weight online during the registration process (click on the N/A weight class, it will then ask you to type in a weight).

  • Safety is our number one priority, please enter your wrestlers weight as accurately as you can

Registration Deadline

  • Wednesday January 9th, 2019 by 10:00pm or when we reach 600 wrestlers

  • NO LATE registrations